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Audi Cambelt Change from £479

There’s nothing worse than unexpected damage occurring to your car that needs immediate repair to prevent any further damage being done to your vehicle. A cambelt check is a crucial element during the maintenance and servicing of your Audi that should be regularly monitored. An Audi cambelt if not changed can wear overtime and if unattended to can rip and tear which will cause both the valves and pistons in your car will start to repeatedly collide causing irreversible damage to your car’s engine and furthermore costs and repairs.

When An Audi Cambelt Change Is Needed?

There are many signs to look out for when considering if you need to change your Audi cambelt, these include:

Ticking noise resonating from the engine

Regularly occurring misfires

Engine management light on drivers display

Timing belt slipping

Audi Cambelt Change Service

Here at Central Audi and VW Birmingham, we offer local Audi cambelt change from as little as £479. For more information visit us today or continue to our website

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