Digital Service Schedule

digital service schedule

Why digital? It is important to keep a cars service work recorded and up-to-date. Especially when retaining a full service history for your Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT or SKODA. As this can help to preserve the future resale value of a car. The new Digital Service Schedule will ensure this important record is kept as accurately…

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MOT Test Basics…


What you need to know. From new drivers to drivers with years of experience under their belts, if you find yourself regularly behind the wheel then odds are that you’ll fear that dreaded three letter word; MOT. Here at Central Audi VW we’ve helped an endless number of vehicle owner’s deal with their annual MOT…

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The Best Driving Tips

tips for drivng

Stay safe… Whether you have just stuck those p plates down onto your car or they’re a long and distant memory; there is no such thing as the perfect driver. Whatever the car or level of driving experience, we are all prone to mistakes. Driving is unpredictable and with the inability to control those around…

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Avoiding Breakdown

avoid breakdwon

Top Care Tips Here at Central Audi VW, you could say we know a thing or two about cars. From your engines to your tyres; there’s nothing we don’t know how to take care of. As an experienced team, our mechanics here know just what it takes to keep a car in the best condition…

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Safe winter driving tips

Audi car

Top tips for driving in snow and ice If you’re planning to drive in bad weather, preparing the car before you set off is vital. Most of these items you can check yourself and your garage can help with the rest. Tyres: Should be a checked monthly all year round – checking tread depth, tyre…

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Diagnostic Technology

diagnostic technology

ODIS – Leading the way with new diagnostic technology Offboard Diagnosis Information System As Birmingham’s leading Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, and Skoda specialists we move with the times. To cope with the increasing demands of new vehicle systems. Volkswagen Group has released new diagnosis software called ODIS or Offboard Diagnosis Information System. All new Volkswagen group vehicles (Audi,…

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Audi to bring Android and iOS into cars

vehicle technology

Audi to bring Android and iOS into cars Interact with your Audi Audi is set to bring the Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay software platforms into their cars. Major functions will be integrated into the Audi MMI (Multi Media Interface) in the future. Audi is a founding member of the Google Open Automotive Alliance…

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New rules for MOT!

SEAT service promise

New rules for MOT! Diesel Particulate Filter check Required in MOT Test It is an industry wide requirement that all new diesel powered cars employ a system for filtering particulates from the exhaust. Department for Transport have announced that as from February 2014 MOT Tests for diesel cars are to be tightened up to ensure…

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Find the cheapest refuelling with Audi Connect

Audi 0% finance service

Audi Connect • Display fuel prices at the push of a button • Function available in many Audi models • Audi connect with a host of intelligent online services Audi is helping its customers save money when refueling. For all A3 variants and most other models, Audi connect now features an online service dubbed Fuel…

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Volkswagen Group Genuine washer fluid

Screen Wash Fluid

Crystal Clear Volkswagen Genuine Washer Fluid Using Volkswagen Genuine washer fluid keeps you windscreens and headlights crystal clear. On Volkswagen Group vehicles with new style wide-jet nozzles, it is imperative that Volkswagen Group Genuine washer fluid is used. Genuine washer fluid is specially formulated. It has an extremely low viscosity at sub-zero temperatures, which prevents the complex…

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