FAQ’sFrequently Asked Questions

My Car is under warranty, can I still take it to you?

Yes of course you can. European law, allows us to carry out all your annual service and maintenance requirements without invalidating your warranty. Should any major faults occur during this time simply take it to the nearest franchised dealer and they will carry out the repair free of charge under the terms and conditions of your existing warranty.

My new car has a service package from the main dealer, can you still save me money?

Yes. Dealer service packages tend to only cover the basic service items and don’t include items such as brakes, tyres, wiper blades etc… any additional work carried out will be chargeable…at main dealer rates. We advise you to check what is free and save money by having any extra work carried out by ourselves.

Can you update my service history and reset the service light?

Yes. At Central Audi & VW we are able to stamp your service book or update your records digitally which, should you ever sell your vehicle, confirms to the new owner that services have been carried out by a specialist to exact manufacturer criteria. The service indicator is reset to the appropriate interval.

How often should I get my car serviced?

If your vehicle is on a Long Life servicing regime, the service light on the vehicle instrument panel will illuminate when your vehicle is ready to be serviced. Vehicle service intervals can also be found in your service manual or if you are unsure you can all ways give our service team a call. At Central Audi VW we offer a range of different service regimes that are manufacturer-approved.

Isn’t the main dealer the safest option?

There is no obligation to visit the main dealer. A quality car service must be manufacturer-approved, completed according to manufacturer specifications and with the use of approved parts and at Central Audi VW we do just that. With over thirty years technical experience and all at realistic, competitive prices that main dealers will struggle to match.

How do I know if you will have the right Parts for my vehicle?

Quality is important to us. So at Central Audi VW we use genuine Volkswagen Group and Original Equipment Manufacture parts.

How do I know if I am being charged a reasonable amount?

At Central Audi VW we pride ourselves on our realistic, competitive prices and will always discuss everything with you prior to undertaking any work. We will remain transparent with our fees and never add on any surprise charges.

I have just been in a accident and my Insurance Company want me to use their repair service, can I not just come to you?

You are not obliged to use the repair service recommended by your insurance company. Call us to discuss your options. We can bring in your car, repair it according to manufacture guidelines and even offer you a hire car.  All you need to do is tell your insurance company that your car is with Central Audi VW and we can deal with the rest.

I only drive a few miles every week – do I really need to service my vehicle?

Yes. Wear and tear on vehicles is caused by age and lack of use as well as by mileage. So it is important to service your vehicle regularly to keep it running as safe and efficiently as possible.

Am I able to wait whilst my car is with you?

Yes of course you can! You can wait and enjoy hot and cold drinks in our waiting area, and take advantage of our free Wi-Fi access.

How do I book myself in with Central Audi VW?

You can book online or get a quote by filling in our quick and easy online forms, by contacting us with your query or calling our service team directly.