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Birmingham & West Midlands specialist diagnostic repair centre for Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT & SKODA

Warning light on your dashboard?… Vehicle not performing like it once did?… Let our trained technicians investigate that for you, an Initial Diagnostic Investigation can save a lot of time and worry.

Audi Repair

Initial diagnostic investigation – £49

If you feel that there may be something wrong with your car, we are here to help. We will investigate any unidentified issues for you, using our wealth of experience and knowledge combined with our advanced diagnostic equipment to identify the cause of your concern.

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At Central Audi VW our trained technicians use the latest Volkswagen Group diagnostic equipment provided directly from Volkswagen Group UK. Our trained technicians are on hand to investigate that fault for you. Be it a complex engine rebuild or a simple engine coolant temperature sensor fault.

Using dealer diagnostic equipment we connect directly to manufacturing factory systems. Which provides us with the latest information directly from the source. Allowing our technicians to test and perform a whole host of functions. Such as updating software versions, testing sensors, and carrying out manufacturing test plans. Getting you and your vehicle back on the road quicker.

We can attend to any Audi, VW, SEAT or SKODA, be it a new sporty performance model just out factory or a much-loved heritage model.

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Whats included

Our trained technicians will use our most Volkswagen Group diagnostic equipment to carry out an initial investigation (up to 1hour). We will then contact you to discuss the next steps which will either be a firm quotation for the repair, or for more complex issues, an estimate for additional diagnosis.

If you have any questions, please contact your Centre with any specific questions. Or alternatively, you can book online with us below. Minimum workshop time 1hour.

Volkswagen Group Technical Service Information (TPI)

With ODIS we receive technical bulletins directly from Volkswagen Group.

Technical bulletins keep us up to date with any known component faults or fixes for your vehicle, meaning we can quickly get to the root of the problem.

Whether it's a component replacement or a software update, when your vehicle is connected to the VW Audi Group servers via our ODIS equipment.

Checking with ODIS first will ensure none of your time or money is wasted looking for faults that the manufacturer has already identified and released a fix for.

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Get in touch with our team here at Central Audi VW Birmingham for a full list of services we provide. Our efficient vehicle specialist provides the very best of quality service at a very competitive price. Book online or ring Central Audi VW today on 0121 384 6006.