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Replacing the cambelt on your Volkswagen is a vital part of maintaining your vehicle so that it is performing safely and efficiently. If damage was to occur to the cambelt it can cause serious damage if it is left to break on its own accord.

If the VW cambelt isn’t changed when there are signs of progressive wear and tear a broken timing belt can cause untold damage to the car’s engine as pistons and valves are left to collide, leaving you with a damaged engine costly repairs and a potentially broken down vehicle. Here at Central Audi & VW we offer effective and reliable VW cambelt change service for Birmingham and the surrounding area.

When To Change A VW Cambelt

Volkswagen Automotive Group recommend that Volkswagen vehicles should typically have a cambelt change between every 4-5 years or at the appropriate mileage interval as indicated in the vehicle service schedule. However it is recommended that you should check whether your VW vehicle needs a cambelt change at a very minimum annually. This is due to the constant exposure the cambelt has to environmental factors such as rain and ice causing the deterioration of the rubber and eventually causing the cambelt to break.
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VW Cambelt Change Service

Here at Central Audi & VW Birmingham we offer local Volkswagen Cambelt Change from as little a £299 .

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